Hope is the Heart’s Night-Light

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Hope Shines Just Enough Light

During the times when we feel surrounded by darkness — it’s the small, soft light of hope that helps us to find our way — by shining just enough light on our path so we can move safely forward until the clarity of morning comes.  Hope is the heart’s night-light.

Hope Keeps the Door Open

It’s hope that allows us to lift our vision and our spirit – to acknowledge and accept that there is a possibility – a destination that lies beyond our present situation.  Hope knows that there is something more – something else that is waiting for us – if we choose to move toward it.

Hope is a Fair Witness

The Fair Witness was created by Robert Heinlein in his book “Stranger in a Strange Land.”  A fair witness is “rigorously trained to observe, remember, and report without prejudice, distortion, lapses in memory, or personal involvement.”

Hope is a fair witness.  It knows the score – and with hope, you get extra innings.

Hope is a Bridge over Troubled Water

We’ve seen movies and TV shows where a frightened hero must cross a rickety, falling apart rope and plank bridge over a raging river.

Crossing a rope bridge in Ireland/Photo: Sarah Nicholl

Crossing a rope bridge in Ireland/Photo: Sarah Nicholl

To cross the bridge that is hope can be as scary as whatever it is that is pursuing us – and there are no guarantees that our problems will be solved or the treasure we’re seeking will be found.

Hope knows that the journey will change us — will make us different regardless of the outcome.

Our journey will make us stronger.

Hope Remembers

Hope remembers that you are more than your circumstances. Hope remembers that you are a magnificent spiritual being who is deeply loved.

Hope remembers your smile and the sound of your laughter — even if you’ve forgotten.


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